SMS Intigration

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(1) Register with US and get FREE SMS PACKAGE.

(2) Check your mail to download required files.

(3) Follow steps given in Help Document.


(1) Send SMS while entering / altering voucher to notify concerned ledgers.

(2) Pick mobiles numbers automatically from Masters or change it on the fly.

(3) Open format templates - No need to get approval for Message formats.

(4) Gets delivered as a "Transactional" message to one or more numbers at a time.

(5) Easy and one time configuration.

(6) Voucher type wise flexibility to switch messaging "On / Off" as needed.

(7) Branded messaging [goes with your own sender id of 6 characters.

(8) No need to compulsory renew your Tally / TCP.

(9) Get balance and validity detail within tally as a report.

(10) Full fledge "web panel account" for your own reporting / bulk messaging, monitoring etc.

(11) Very low cost per message charges.

(12) Facility to send occasional messages for Greetings / Reminders as and when needed.